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Biopsy Cassettes


Histosette I® Biopsy Cassettes


Specially designed for biopsy specimens during the embedding process. 0.9mm square openings to insure proper drainage. Not suitable for automated printers. 30° angle. Sold in box of 500.

0.9mm square openings to maximize fluid exchange and to insure proper drainage.

MR3 Motorized Microtome


Series 300, motorized cutting stroke rotary microtome, basic unit. Includes double footswitch control for trim & cut functions. Manual or motorized cutting stroke with balanced handwheel. Retraction on return stroke. Motorized cutting speed range 0-400mm/sec



  • Prepare a flat sample face for surface probe or scanning microscopy or cut thin sections for transmission microscopy
  • Rapid trim function
  • Positive mechanical lock on handwheel
  • Specimen orientation
  • Specimen rotation


Maximum specimen size:  55-50mm
Cutting stroke: 64mm
Retraction: 70 micron
Motorized feed: 28mm
Handwheel Lock: Positive lock at 12:00 o’clock or 6:00 o’clock position by pulling out black handwheel lock
Specimen Orientation: x and y axis with 8 × tilt plus rotation
Section thickness range: 0.5 to 60 microns
Section thickness increments: 0.5 to 2microns in 0.5micron steps
2.0 to 10 microns in 1 micron steps
10 to 20 microns in 2 micron steps
20 to 60 microns in 5 micron steps
Max. Specimen Size: 10mm


Delivered with:

  • Standard Microtome Package Type S Knife Holder for glass, diamond, and tungsten carbide knives.
  • Section waste tray
  • Instruction manual


Dimension H: 279mm x W: 273mm x L: 457mm
Weight 24,3kg (53,6lbs.)