MODEL 910 - Metallurgical Grinder/Polisher

The Model 910 is the first in a new generation of multi-purpose lapping machines designed for accurately lapping and polishing a wide range of materials.

The 910 can be used as a standard metallurgical grinder/polisher utilizing abrasive papers, abrasive films, diamond discs, polishing cloths, etc. Or it can be used as a high precision free abrasive lapping machine for flat polishing of optical and semiconductor materials.

When used as a free abrasive lapping machine, the 910 can accommodate most SBT Lapping Fixtures for precise sample orientation and maximum flatness. The precision fixtures and the self-truing lap ensure samples of the highest quality. In addition to flat lapping, SBT offer 2 fixtures for polishing oriented crystals. The crystals can be oriented and subsequently polished while maintaining their orientation.

The 910 is ideal for high precision polishing both R & D and production environments. It runs at a speed range of 8-600 rpm and provides high torque at the lower speeds as well as the higher speeds.


  • Variable speed from 8-600 RPM
  • Quick exchange of grinding, lapping and polishing discs
  • Stylish, tabletop design Solid, cast aluminum construction
  • Vibration free, quiet operation

Delivered with:

  • Includes water and slurry delivery system
  • Aluminum lapping plate (includes 0537-047 o-ring for metal holding band)
  • Metal holding band (for holding abrasive papers and polishing cloth)
  • Glass plate
  • Dust cover
  • Hex wrench set