Precision Diamond wheel saw
The Model 660 is designed to be a multipurpose precision saw using diamond wheels up to 7" in diameter. It's low speed allows it to cut all materials traditionally cut with a high speed diamond wheel while also cutting very fragile and soft materials with minimal subsurface damage.

A variety of sample holders provides a means to mount any shape sample while goniometer adaptability simplifies the cutting of orienting crystals.


Precision wheel saw


A sample is mounted to a sample holder and attached to the arm. An appropriate load is applied by adjusting the counterbalancing weight and the automatic stop switch is set.
Using a coarse adjustment the sample is positioned in any starting position relative to the diamond wheel and then a micrometer is used for precise sample positioning.
With the diamond wheel rotating slowly and coolant in the reservoir, the arm is gently lowered until the sample touches the diamond wheel. Cutting will continue until the automatic cutoff switch is triggered.


Cutting Wheels

The Model 660 is designed to cut with diamond, CBN and abrasive wheels. Diamond wheels are used for most applications while CBN wheels are primarily used for cutting ferrous based materials.
Abrasive wheels (Al2O3 and SiC) can be used for cutting both ferrous and nonferrous based materials and have also been used for dry cutting of superconductor materials.



  • An internal optic sensor and belt drive system eliminate broken gears and sample damage by terminating the cutting process when wheel rotation is impeded.
  • Coolant reservoir is lowered and easily removed by opening an access door located on the front panel.
  • Both coarse and fine sample position adjustments allow rapid and accurate sample positioning.
  • Polyethylene coolant reservoir enables the use of both water soluble and oil based coolants.
  • Automatic termination of the cutting process is controlled by an electromechanical downstop which minimizes supervision.
  • Cutting arm pivots on a set of precision bearings rather than on the micrometer shaft which ensures accurate and repeatable sample positioning.
  • Multiple diamond wheels can be used to gang slice materials up to 2" in length.
  • Sturdy aluminum casting provides durability in the lab and stability during specimen preparation.

Delivery including:

  • Single Axis Goniometer
  • Vise holder
  • Reservoir Adapter (for using 3'& 4' diamond wheels)
  • Diamond Wheel (7" x 0.020")
  • 2.4" Support Collars (qty 2)
  • 1.87" Support Collars (qty 2)
  • 1.37" Support Collars (qty 2)
  • Arbor spacer (1.5")
  • Arbor spacer (0.5")
  • Water soluble coolant (1 qt)
  • Wheel dressing stick
  • Mounting wax sample kit
  • Cutting Weight, 300 grams
  • Cutting Weight, 150 grams
  • Specimen Mounting Kit (includes aluminum & graphite mounting plates)
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Optional accessories

Single Axis Goniometer
Vise Holder
Reservoir Adapter (for using 3" & 4" diamond wheels)
Right Angle Holder
Right Angle Holder
2-Axis Goniometer
2-Axis Goniometer
X-Ray Track Mount
X-Ray Track Mount (for 1.99" or 2.19" wide x-ray or optical tracks)
2-Axis Goniometer
The Model 250 2-Axis Goniometer (all stainless steel, includes mounting blocks and orientation software). It can also be adapted for use on all of our slicing and lapping equipment.
X-Ray Track Mount
X-Ray Track Mount for Model 250 (for 3.625" ht.)
X-Ray Track Mount
X-Ray Track Mount for Model 250 (for 4.0" ht.)
3-Axis Goniometer
3-Axis Goniometer(includes 1" riser and fits directly on x-ray track)
660 work arm for Model 260
Ball Joint Holder
Petrographic Sample Holder
Petrographic Sample Holder