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Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer 20-22
Combining superior analytical performance with class leading reliability, the 20-22 ensures that all your scientific needs are met. Backed by over 20 years of development with a no compromise approach to its engineering integrity, Sercon provides the ultimate isotope ratio mass spectrometer. This technology is available in both continuous flow 20-22 and dual inlet GEO 20-22 forms to be interfaced with our range of automated preparation units and peripherals


The 20-22 incorporates many high level design features. These include an all stainless steel and metal gasket construction flight tube for ultra-high vacuum purity to ensure minimal backgrounds and zero water contamination. True differential pumping for superior ion transfer through the flight tube from high sensitivity source to large dynamic range collectors. The benchtop design with Windows 7 based software ensures a user friendly interface for the most productive IRMS system available.
  20-22 mass spectrometer
Geo 20-22 dual-inlet gas isotope ratio mass spectrometer
Geo 20-22 dual-inlet gas isotope ratio mass spectrometer
The Geo 20-22 dual-inlet gas isotope ratio mass spectrometer provides the ultimate precision and sensitivity in stable isotope measurement of a wide range of gases. High precision analysis combined with a wide range of sample preparation modules gives the Geo 20-22 the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of applications. These include geochemistry, hydrology, environmental research, marine and biological sciences.
Using all the superior features of the 20-22, combined with an ultra-low dead volume dual inlet, the Geo 20-22 is capable of analysing all light gas species from m/z 2 to m/z 96. Provided as a modular benchtop unit, this system can be interfaced with all Sercon peripherals and preparation units including the microCAPS for carbonate analysis and WES for water equilibration through the dual inlet. For pure gases the system can be provided with a 10 or 20 port manifold and tube crackers.
  20-22 mass spectrometer
Integra2 a combination of the 20-22 mass spectrometer and the SL elemental analyser
The Integra2 is a combination of our 20-22 mass spectrometer and the SL elemental analyser. This unique product provides the isotope researcher with the most compact instrument. Capable of analysing samples for both 15N and 13C simultaneously with an 18O option, the Integra2 provides the most cost effective and easy to use isotopic analyser available.
The space saving Integra2 analysers have been designed to be the workhorses for 13C, 15N and 18O analysis. These instruments have a pedigree that goes back to the world's first benchtop isotope ratio mass spectrometer that was introduced by Europa Scientific in 1986. The Integra2 is the instrument of choice for both natural abundance and enriched sample analysis.
  Combination of the 20-22 mass spectrometer and the SL elemental analyser