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Three distinctive ranges of Dilvac dewar flasks in container, all utilising the proven borosilicate glass inner vessels, and protected in tough plastic, blue-enamelled steel, and hygienic satin-finish stainless steel. Capacities from 200cc to 10 litres. Designed for the safe use of liquid gases, all Dilvac Dewars are manufactured to exacting standards, representing the highest quality units available today for laboratory,hospital or industrial use.

Instruments for Cryo applications
High pressure freezing system
freeze substitution system
The HPM-010 is not only the pioneer of HP freezing, but the instrument of choice which allows freezing of aqueous samples ...   The Freeze Substitution System is designed with safety & operator convenience in mind. With a large volume, easy access ...


Pelco UVC3 cryo chamber
CR-X Cryosectioning system
The PELCO® UVC3 Cryo Chamber has been specifically designed to provide an economical yet precisely ...   This is the most innovative cryosectioning attachment in history. Features like the “through the wall” arm ...