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Lapping fixtures

We supply a large number of lapping and polishing fixtures that hold samples from less than 1/8" to over 8" in diameter.

With many fixtures, samples can be precisely lapped with mircrometer or digital thickness control. Fixtures are available that will lap or polish edges at specific angles.


Grinding and polishing instruments
8 inch wheel grinder 
Profesional grinder/polisher
The HPM-010 is not only the pioneer of HP freezing, but the instrument of choice which allows freezing of aqueous samples ...   Professional single 8" grinder polisher with digital speed control. Ideally ....


Professional Dual Grinder / Polisher
Metallurgical Grinder/Polisher
Professional dual 8" disc grinder / polisher with digital speed control ...   The first in a new generation of multi-purpose lapping machines designed ...


8 inch lapping machine
Rail polisher
The new generation of multipurpose lapping machines designed for accurately ...   In many instances the need for high specimen throughput and precision ...