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Carbon wire

Carbon wire for sputter coaters


Evaporation of braided carbon fibre gives a very reproducible film thickness. Three different thicknesses are available to suit the power supplies of coaters from different manufacturers.

SEM Automatic Sputter Coater

The Auto Carbon Coater is one of the most advanced sample coaters available for coating non-conductive specimens prior to SEM X-ray analysis. The unique feedback-controlled rod evaporation system gives multiple evaporations of around 20nm thickness without any need for rod shaping or adjustment. The high purity stepped carbon rods used deliver a superior coating quality usable at high magnifications. it is is a compact system, simple to operate and has very rapid pumping cycle time. The option of the High Resolution Thickness Monitor allows conducting carbon films to be tailored to the exact requirements of the sample.

The Auto Carbon Coater uses a novel evaporation supply. Current and voltage are monitored by sensor wires in the head, and the evaporation source is controlled as part of a feedback loop. The supply gives the conventional rod feed source excellent stability and reproducibility. Power consumption is low, and the source shows exceptional re-starting characteristics. The evaporation source can be operated in "pulse" or "continuous" modes.

The Auto Carbon Coater offers the choice of either manual or automatic operation.

In automatic mode, the evaporation source operates as a programmed voltage for a programmed time. The programmer is simply adjusted and displays voltage and time digitally.

In manual mode, the unique Auto Carbon Coater supply can be operated in "pulse" or "continuous" with the output voltage set using the rotary control.

The Auto Carbon Coater can be fitted with an optional High Resolution Thickness Monitor. Resolution is better than 0.1nm for carbon. Careful use of the monitor and evaporation controller gives better than 5% reproducibility of coating thickness in the useful 15nm to 25nm range.


Chamber size: 120mm OD x 120mm high 
Evaporation source: Bradley type (6.15mm rods, [1/4"])
Heavy duty stainless steel construction
Sample table: Holds 12 SEM pin mounts
Height adjustable through 60mm
Evaporation supply: Microprocessor based feedback loop controlled with remote current/voltage sensing
Safety interlocked by vacuum level Variable,180A max, with over-current protection
Analog metering: Vacuum Atm - 0.01mb
Current: 0 - 200A
Thickness monitoring: Optional
Control method: Automatic evaporation control, using programmed voltage and timer; full manual override with pulsed or continuous operation
Digital timer (0 - 9.9 seconds)
Digital volt setting (0.1 to 5.5V)


Electrical: 200-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power: 1000VA (coater and pumping system together)