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Adhesion Slides

Luminano adhesion microscope slides

Adhesion microscope slides for tissue/cells

  • Positively charged surface
  • Uniform amine-coated slides
  • Strong adhesion of tissue/cells
  • No interference with stains and immunoreactions
  • Low fluorecence background
  • Super hydrophilicity


easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System
MODEL PC2000 - Plasma Cleaner
Pelco easiglow cleaning system PC-2000 Plasma cleaner
For one of the most common glow discharge applications, making TEM support films or grids hydrophilic using air, ... It has been well documented that low energy plasmas can be used to reactively etch or remove organic materials found on ...
PE-2000 Plasma Etching System
Industrial plasma equipment
PC-2000 Plasma etching system


The PE 2000 RF Plasma Etcher is specifically designed for reactive gas plasma etching ... Plasma technology a broad range of industries and applications ...