Film Thickness Monitor

Film thickness monitor

The High Resolution Thickness Monitor / Thickness Controller are based on the principle that the oscillating frequency of a quartz crystal is changed by the mass of a deposited film on its upper face. Electronically measuring this effect allows for a determination of the thickness of a deposited film.

Once the density of the evaporated material is entered into the system, the thickness is measured to a resolution of 0.1nm on a four digit LED display having a range of 0-999.9 nanometers.

The crystal and holder are mounted in the vacuum chamber and connected to the FTM Power Supply via the supplied vacuum feedthrough.



General Specifications:

Microprocessor based, 4-digit display, push-button zero
6MHz crystal with lifetime check
5 times per second update rate

Thickness Range:

0.0 - 999.9nm (pos/neg)


0.1nm for gold or carbon

Density Range:

0.50 - 30.00g/cm³

Tooling Factor Range:

0.25 - 8.0

Vacuum Feedthrough:

CS-108; Diameter 10mm up to a plate/flange thickness of 9mm.

Crystal Holder:

Stainless Steel ø19 x 20mm. M4 threaded hole for mounting, 1/2" size crystals

Crystal Holder Cable:

Mini-SMB, female/female between crystal holder and CS-108 vacuum feedthrough

Processor Function:

Four sets of values can be stored in memory under Density and four under Tooling

Box Size, WxDxH

210 x 160 x 77mm