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Model MS 3

Precise cutting under stereo microscope

  • Precise
  • Small
  • Easy-to-use



Microheat Thermoplastic gluing under stereo microscope

Model MH 2

Thermoplastic gluing under stereo microscope

  • Heat-stabilized
  • Small
  • Ideal for thermoplastic gluing




Micropol polisher

Polisher for TEM & Metallography Model MC 2

  • Rugged, corrosion proof construction
  • Variable speed control for precision polishing
  • Quick change bayonet mount bowls
  • Timer for automatic operation
  • Extremely light load for fragile TEM samples

Micropol micropolisher


Ion mills for TEM applications
IV7 UniMill
Gentle Mill, model IV8
The IV7 model of Technoorg ion mills has been designed for extremely rapid preparation of high-quality TEM/XTEM samples with unsurpassed high thinning rate. The design of the instrument enables both rapid milling with the ultra-high-energy noble gas ion source and final polishing and cleaning with the patented low-energy ion gun. The Gentle Mill series of Technoorg has been designed for final polishing, easy cleaning and improving of samples previously treated in standard high-energy ion mills or FIB columns
Gentle Mill model IV5
Comparison Gentle Mill model IV5 - IV8
Gentle Mill, model IV5 for final polishing and cleaning. Comparison sheet between the models Gentle Mills IV5 and IV8
Ion mills for SEM applications
The today’s advanced SEM investigations require high-quality, artifact-free SEM samples of minimal amount of damage on their surface. The new Technoorg SC-1000 SEM Sample Preparation System built on proven ion beam milling technique provides sample surfaces that totally meets these requirements. The SC-2000 model is equipped both with high- and low-energy ion sources. Rapid slope cutting with the high-energy ion gun followed by gentle surface cleaning with the low-energy ion gun provides cross-sectional SEM samples suitable for semiconductor failure analysis and other analytical purposes. The system also provides an ion milling based solution for improving and cleaning of mechanically polished SEM samples and preparation of damage-free surfaces for EBSD technique.