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Diamond knives


Diamond knives for microtomy

The surfaces of the diamond knives are hydrophilic. This property allows an easy wetting of the cutting edge, even with a very low water level (important for sectioning Lowicryls and other hydrophilic embedding media, as well as for water sensitive samples).


Diamond knives for ultramicrotomes


Wire loop


Perfect Loop for Ultramicrotomy


Helpful in transferring your sections from the trough onto the grid without creases.

Thickness: .05mm

MT-990 Motorized Precision Microtome

Motorized microtomes

Universal, Heavy Duty Microtome for a Wide Variety of Applications in Histopathology and Materials Research

  • With a Motorized programmable automatic trim, the Microtome MT-990 cuts paraffin, plastic, and hard specimens.
  • Optional cryoattachment permits sectioning from ambient temperature to -140C
  • Selectable cutting window

Designed for:

Atomic Force Microscopy

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Optical Microscopy FTIR

Ideal for applications in:

Forensic Science
Quality Control
Materials Research


  • Motorized programmable automatic trim
  • Cuts paraffin, plastic and hard specimens
  • Motorized cutting stroke may also be used manually
  • Motorized knife stage, 28mm maximum travel
  • Feed totalizer, selectable for either total feed in micrometers or total number of sections
  • Separate controller for hands-off operation

Consisting of motorized microtome, control unit, 24 VDC power supply and section waste tray. Motorized cutting mechanism and feed system mounted on heavy base casting within an enclosed housing. Vertical specimen stroke on monobloc specimen. Carriage to eliminate backlash and chatter.


  • Section thickness range: 0.25 to 30 microns in 0.25mm increments
  • Vertical cutting stroke (manual or motorized) 64mm
  • Horizontal knife advance (motorized) 28mm
  • Cutting speed range 0.1 to 330mm/sec
  • Adjustable cutting zone
  • Accelerated return stroke
  • Automatic trimming in defined steps
  • Positive hand wheel locking with additional emergency electronic brake

Supplied complete with the following:

Separate touch panel control unit featuring:

  • Digital section counter
  • Digital feed totalizer in microns
  • Cutting mode control:
  • Continuous cut, single stroke, intermittent cut 4-channel memory for storing section thickness/cutting speed combinations
  • Fast coarse feed advance/reverse control
  • Step advance for electronic trimming
  • Section waste tray
  • Instruction manual


Retraction:  50 -60microns
Section Thickness Range:  0.25-30microns
Automatic Trim: Motorized, Programmable
Maximum Feed:  Motorized Knife Stage, 28mm
Section Counter: Digital LED display of number of sections with reset button
Feed Totalizer: Digital LED display of feed in microns
Stroke Motorized: 64mm (40mm with cryo)
Cutting Speed Range: 1-330mm/sec
Max. Specimen Size: 50 x 55mm
Specimen Holders: arc segment mount) with universal holder for round or flat plastic embedded specimens
Knife Holders: Standard Type N for conventional steel knives
Disposable (High or Low Profile) Type E