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Anti vibration table

Anti vibration table for ultra-microtomes

Air Activated Vibration Isolation Table

Diamond knives


Diamond knives for microtomy

The surfaces of the diamond knives are hydrophilic. This property allows an easy wetting of the cutting edge, even with a very low water level (important for sectioning Lowicryls and other hydrophilic embedding media, as well as for water sensitive samples).


Diamond knives for ultramicrotomes


Wire loop


Perfect Loop for Ultramicrotomy


Helpful in transferring your sections from the trough onto the grid without creases.

Thickness: .05mm

PT-X & PT-XL PowerTome Ultramicrotomes


For the preparation of thin sections for electron microscopy the RMC line of ultramicrotomes has the longest pedigree in the industry. When they became a part of Boeckeler Instruments, a company with over 60 years experience manufacturing precision instruments, the stage was set for us to raise the bar on an already excellent product.


The result:
Smooth . . . We designed a new cutting engine with exceptional levels of precision tolerance. This design reduces “play” between the parts of the engine to a minimum, virtually eliminating section chatter and susceptibility to external vibration.


  • Auto thick/thin sectioning from 5-4999nm with 4 memory storage channels
  • Compact two piece design with advanced antivibration system
  • Separate control unit for maximum flexibility and ease of use
  • Built-in hand rests
  • Modern one piece laminated cover
  • PowerTome, high stability, zero backlash, cutting arm drive system
  • High precision micrometer knife stage
  • Ergonomic stereomicroscope system with constant radial focus eucentric tilt control
  • Supplied complete with the following:
  • Specimen orientation mount (formerly arc segment mount)
  • Stemi 2000 stereomicroscope 7.7:1 zoom range, 6.5X to 50X magnification with 10X WF (23mm) eyepieces
  • Self locking Positrac(TM) knife stage
  • One universal transilluminated specimen holder with wrench
  • One 7mm flat specimen transilluminated holder
  • LED backlighting and specimen transillumination with brightness control
  • Overhead diffused light
  • Glass knife support
  • Wooden accessory box
  • Trimming block and post
  • Stereomicroscope mounted breath shield
  • Stage mounted air draft shield
  • Control unit
  • Power cord
  • Interconnect cables
  • Dust cover
  • Spare lamps & fuses
  • Instruction manual
  • Wrenches


  • 100/120/220/240 Vac 50/60 Hz power input
  • Shipping Dimensions: One pallet base, tri-wall crate, 840mm x 560mm x 635mm plus one accessory carton, 610mm x 610mm x 610mm
  • Net Weight: 33 kg (72 lbs.) Gross Weight: 74 kg (164 lbs)
RMC ultramicrotome controller
RMC ultramicrotome controller
Controller for PowerTome X  Controller for PowerTome XL