Substrate Holder 

Advanced Substrate Holder for Serial Sectioning Array Tomography


RMC ASH-100 advanced substrate holder for ultramicrotome users who collect serial sections for array tomography and correlative workflows. 


Object scanner

Object scanner The ObjectScan 1600 allows users to scan small stereoscopic objects, such as specimen of plants, insects and minerals, ancient relics (books/bamboo slips/sheepskins), collections, paintings, and building materials (tiles/porcelains/woods), to capture images based on different demands.


RMC Ultra microtomes

New products

Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome


The ATUMtome tape collecting ultramicrotome is now available to sophisticated early adopters* for high resolution array tomography of biological tissues.




New products

Pipette tips, pcr tubes, well plates, microcentrifuge tubes


A commitment to innovation, superior quality, and benchmark servicelevels has made BioPointe Scientific the new standard of excellencein laboratory consumables.



New products

Microscopy and laboratory diagnostics


The range consists of wide variety of solutions, reagents and other laboratory equipment used in every diagnostic laboratory. All products bear the CE marking, a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation implementing certain European Directives. We produce more than a hundred solutions and reagents for histology, citology, bacteriology, and hematology sales ranges.


Nauga needles nano-needles 


New products

HookUpz™ Universal for Digiscoping - IS-100


The HookUpz™ Universal adapter connects any smart phone to any optical device in seconds. It is compatible with all popular phones (except phablets i.e Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 6 Plus & Lumina 920) and all nearly all optics (except rifle scopes)..



Nauga needles nano-needles